Still Rings True needs YOUR help on their way to EUROPE!

Via Still Rings True’s Facebook:
“We are going to be touring Europe/UK for the first time in May/June 2012! Exact dates in cities will be announced soon! In the meantime, we need YOUR help raising the money to get there. We are very broke, and are unable to afford airfare for the trip alone. If you have a few bucks and could stop by the site and help us out, it would be appreciated more than you could imagine. Even if you could just “share” this status and help us spread the word it would be much appreciated! We are very excited for this, and stoked to release even more info about this in the near future! Thanks!

A note from Upstate Metal:
This past weekend, Still Rings True donated their time to play a benefit Zachary Blanchard’s family. They did not have to do that, just like you don’t have to donate to help someone in need. They chose to do it to fulfill the legacy of a 16 year old boy. Now they need our help. If everyone donates even a few dollars, we can help this band achieve their goal! Let’s do this!

-Christine Palmer


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