We Are Triumphant releases FREE winter sampler for download

Tis’ the season to be jolly. Download this amazing eighteen track compilation of the finest bands WAT Records has to offer!

Track listing –

With Daggers – Sweetheart
Heartfelt – Fortunes (The Successor)
The Weekend Motion – Long Damn Time
Sworn In – No Salvation (Ft. Marco Mandujano)
Dismiss The Serpent – The Renounced
A Call To Sincerity – Mayhem
Storm The Bay – Tell Dan K. I’m Looking For Him
Singled Out – The God Complex
Heroes Until Tomorrow – Until The End
Between Two Thieves – Parasites
Winds Last Blow – Born In The Coldest Hatred
Through The Eyes Of A Giant – Suit Up
War Torn Angels – Apologies
Forerunner – Mirrors
Storytellers – Titles
The Manchurian Incident – You Think It’s A Secret
ETHOS – Seaballs
Ava Grace – I, The Intruder

to get this awesome download go here:

For more information on We Are Triumphant –


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