Buffalo is the home of many different musical scenes that all share in a blue collar approach to the songwriting process. You can hear it in the lyrics, the sound, and in the way they promote their projects. Come Honor can be added to a long list of names that share this incredible ethics based determination. This mammoth 6 headed post-punk gargantuan is armed with what it takes to make the city proud. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that I am sure they are hading to a much larger listening audience. A fact that was driven home after my numerous listens to their album, Self/Release.

Self/Release is a six song album that clocks in just under the 15 minute mark. But what a glorious 15 minutes it is! The band is the conglomeration of all kinds of influence. In fact, too many to list. I hear Thrice, I hear Thursday, and at times, I hear R.E.M. in their raw 80’s glory. Comparisons are irrelevant to what they have done here. This sound belongs to them.

On tracks like Third Time’s The Harm and Right for Your Fight, the band is triumphantly pushed forward by the surging vocal work of Angelo and Ryan C. The tag team lyrical approach is one key component of the success that lies within. Unlike most up and coming bands, harmonies of simultaneous rage and rampant melody works to perfection on these songs. No clutter here! The closing track of the album, Self/Release is a nice sprawling narrative piece that recalls some of the earlier works of Fugazi. Of course a lyrical statement like “It’s hard to trust anyone, when I can not trust myself,” fits into the aggro-natured self analysis of idols past. I find that truly easy to appreciate.

Things are going well for Come Honor! Expect to hear some more great music in the next year. Also, make an effort to see these guys live. The studio is a nice place for them to sculpt, but the live environment is some place where these guys take it to the next level.


For more information on Come Honor-
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/comehonor

-Erik Jensen


One thought on “FEATURED BAND: Come Honor

  1. Happy New Years, and thank you so much for your kind words. Looking forward to this new year with a big surprise for many listeners, that we didn’t even expect to happen last year. Upstate Metal will be one of the firsts to know, as well as to get a copy of our following releases.
    Thank You once again.

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