Vox Lumiere 4/27/12 @ Proctor’s Theatre — FREE TICKETS!!!—

Vox Lumiere is the creative brainchild of Kevin Saunders Hayes, though inspiration can come in the strangest of places, often at the strangest of times. “I hit upon the idea for Vox Lumiere while shopping to replace some worn out under shorts.” Let it be said that clean underwear can yield some excellent results!

“Silents You Can Hear” is probably the best trademark I have ever read, and it is as fitting as a tailored suit when describing Vox Lumiere’s creative idea. By taking silent movies from yesteryear and assembling a world-class group of talented musicians, Vox Lumiere performs a live soundtrack to silent films as the movie plays on the big screen… Think of it as Live Music Supervision at it finest!

And the ensemble is making waves all over the world, recently returning from a lengthy tour of Portugal and milling through many invitations for performance! When the L.A. TIMES calls your show “Absolutely Riveting,” you know you’re on to something special.

VOX LUMIERE is pushing the boundaries of creativity in an amazing way, and we want you to see the show. Want proof? Upstate LIVE is offering 2 FREE TICKETS to the show when it comes to Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady on April 27th! Just tell us what movie they’ll be providing the live soundtrack for and they’re yours! First correct response gets ‘em!

The current musical landscape requires artists to think outside of the box, and Vox Lumiere is one of the most cutting edge performances on the market today! Go see them at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady, NY when it comes through on April 27th… You are going to love this show!!!