Victor Wooten Band: Clinic at House of Guitars and Show at The German House

The Victor Wooten Band came through Upstate NY on their tour hitting Rochester, Buffalo and Albany (with Jimmy Herring Band). On their stop in Rochester, Wooten also did a bass clinic at the House of Guitars. He repeated a lot of what he said in my previous interview, but it was really interesting to see these lessons acted out or performed on stage in a way that we can understand more clearly. He even randomly picked out one lucky person from the crowd, Kevin Murray, to help him demonstrate how picturing your drummer playing with you in your head helps you practice better.

Many of the folks who were at the clinic also made it out to the show that night at The German House and joined the crowd of a wide age variety, many of them appearing to have musical talents themselves as they understood the “musical jokes” being thrown around on stage. Wooten brought with him quite the all-star team including bassists Steve Bailey and Anthony Wellington. The one thing that stuck out most was how much fun they were having, and this allowed the crowd to have fun with it too, as they would yell out things like, “sing it girl!” to lead singer Krystal Peterson. It was definitely a very relaxed atmosphere, where the musicians could showcase their talent but have quite the ball with it too.


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