TURN THE TIDE is ready to bring their crushing sound to the world

For those of you who are enthralled in the underground metal scene like me, you’ve previously heard, or have begun to hear the name Turn the Tide.

I remember the first time I booked them at a little venue called Trace’s in Rome NY. I thought this will probably be just another hardcore band at work here tonight. With 6 guys playing—2 of which are of drinking age—they proved me wrong after the first song. The room became electrified as they played, and the audience connected immediately with them.

A few weeks ago I was able to sit down face to face with them. Formed in 2011, the group consists of Gianni Varela on bass, Mike Hopper on drums, Vinny Sardo singing clean vocals, Steve Swenszkowski on guitar, Dylan Holgate on guitar and Kyle O’Kane screaming.

With a line-up made for disaster, they are now setting there sights on much bigger fish. Their EP is set for release in early spring. With their victory in the battle of the bands, opening for My Bitter End and Towers tour—a We Are Triumph artist—and supporting The Animal In Me, they have now been reaching out as far as Albany and Syracuse to expand their fan base. With their latest single “Whirlpools” being released on Youtube, they are getting ready to bring their crushing sound to the world. For fans of The Word Alive, Asking Alexandria, Bless the Fall and Devil Wears Prada, check out Turn the Tide on Reverbnation, Facebook and Youtube.

In the words of Turn the Tide… Keep it Metal.

-Fred Marriott


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