Jam Cruise 11 Photo Gallery, Part 1

It’s hard for me to put into words just how awesome an experience Jam Cruise is. The music is non-stop and you’re sharing the ship with the artists, so when they’re not performing, they’re likely right there with you enjoying the music. Outside on the Pool Deck there is plenty of room to get down in front of the most conventional festival stage on the ship, but the indoor stages are much more intimate – it’s like being at your favorite small club back home.

One thought on “Jam Cruise 11 Photo Gallery, Part 1

  1. […] By the third day of Jam Cruise 11, everything seems so fluid. Moving from stage to stage, each with it’s own sound and vibe and seeing who’s sitting in with who, you never know what you’re going to see.  Or miss. Al’s solo set turning into an acoustic moe. set, Galactic coming out to play moe.’s setbreak (Kashmir!), Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe playing some Beastie Boys (which I missed in December in Manhattan), ALO having fun with the Spinal Tap theme, Tea Leaf Green covering Europe’s “The Final Countdown”…  The island stops were nice too, a small reminder of what it’s like to stand on something that’s not moving. See Part 1 here […]

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