The Bear Bones Project at The Rustic Barn in Troy, January 25th

photos by Tom Miller

What once was a bunch of friends jamming cover songs to an elite few in a living room while their listeners munched on hummus and drank the wine has now molded into closed session rehearsals and a slew of new songs.  Those originals skipped a trial run. Instead, the five bones tossed their project out into the world for a live recording in front of a live audience at the Rustic Barn in Troy, NY.


The Bear Bones Project has drawn a following of old time hippies hanging onto Grateful Dead era songs and young followers trying to capture the essence of an era just out of their reach.  The winter covered streets, the flakes in the frosted beards and ice under foot didn’t stop their dedicated following for the trek into the hills just beyond Troy. Inside the dimly lit pub, the wooden beams and stone fire place set the ambiance for a toasty evening of good grub, hearty brew and jam friendly music which will soon find it’s way to a polished disc.

Each set was a blend of originals speckled in between obscure cover songs.  However, they started with a fun warm up tune familiar to most.  The Bear Bones Project had a little fun with The Beatles original, “I’ll Follow the Sun.” They create a neat little arrangement of two part harmonies breaking away to the only female of the group, Sandy Decker, during the chorus.  They were warmed up, the crowd was primed and they kicked it up a notch breaking into some brand new songs written by lead vocalist and guitarist, Carey Ahner.  The Bear Bones Project arranged each song for an overall sound of bluesy, classy jams interjected with a playful flute.  Bill Decker laid the bass lines down and drummer Eric Johnson moved the songs along as guitarist and vocalist Pete O’Hearn added just enough depth to keep this project firmly rooted in it’s inspirations of whimsy and jazzy tunes.

Each new song is rich in lyrics, and musically accomplished.  There is a certain kind of sway to their songs and it is certain to get folks out of their seats. The Bear Bones Project can be seen at various clubs around the Capital District.


3 thoughts on “The Bear Bones Project at The Rustic Barn in Troy, January 25th

  1. The problem with great writers reviewing a great band is that many times reality steps in and the group can’t live up to the hype. This is NOT the case here. The band is not only as professional as only the best can be, but as comfortable as you could ever want. Its personality without hype but Kick ass when they need to be and mellow as the law allows.

  2. I’m in the band so I’m not going to blow our own horn(I play guitar anyway). But I will blow a horn for the growing group of beautiful folks who support us by coming to gigs and participating in the continuing celebration that is the Bear Bones Project. This is our family whom we love and will always be there for each other, and we’re so fortunate!

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