UpstateMetal is New York’s resource for all things underground. Supporting all genres of metal, hardcore, punk and rock. We strive to bring you the bands you want to see and read about.

Upstate Metal also fully supports all venues, concerts, events as well as bands. We work for the cause, to keep the underground alive and breathing.  UpstateMetal is a subsidiary of the UpstateLIVE Music Network and is owned by GOLDSTAR Entertainment.


Upstate Metal Staff and Contributors:

Publisher – Herby One
EditorJim Gilbert
Asst Editor – Kate Drexel
Copy Editor – Chris Fleischmann

Staff Writers: Trevor Anderson, Jay Frost, Michael Hallisey, Steve Sbiroli, Steve Strader

Staff Photographers: Marcy Dwyer, Chris Patti, Tom Miller


Writers:  Jen Beaudoin, Zach Hitt, Brandon ‘BJ’ Holmes, Fred Mariott, Sam Smith, Chris Stocking, Steve Watson

Photographers – Kevin Burke, Bruce Clayton, Jamelyn Dyer


Twitter: @UpstateMetal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/upstatemetal

UpstateMetal.net is owned and operated by
GOLDSTAR Entertainment
PO Box 565 – Baldwinsville, NY 13027


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi worm here and i do a fanzie called: A WORMHOLE {its a print only zine that covers the local metal scene and the underground its a metal-underground-noise zine thats been doing it since 1991} the last couple issue have been small and all local “finger lake region” and just notes and info,and hope to get back and do a full metal issue soon and hope to hear from you soon and to see if you can pass the info on to your fanz and bands and maybe we can work on something soon thanks worm

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